Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Extra" Files in folders...

So, I learned today, that since I am on a Mac, when I zip up files to post, Mac puts extra files in the folder.  Learn something new everyday!  But, I tested them and confirmed that they are "extra" and all the pieces that should be there, are there.  So, you can delete the files that have the "._" in front of them.  

Also, I am working on a method to be able to take out these extra files so that you don't get them in the future.

Thanks vedette for bringing this up, I wouldn't have known, but you should be good to go by using all the "other" files in the folder and just ignore or delete the extras.

Thanks Dani and Mom for helping me sort through all this!

Until later...


  1. Hiya Jen! I gave you an award ... check it out here!

  2. Jen I awarded your blog too! Also, Vasco mentioned something about taking out those extra files somewhere in the Wonder Shack... you might wanna ask him.