Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scrap Matters is Having a CT call!

Run, don't walk to apply for the ScrapMatters Creative is the best around! Deadline is this Sunday night, don't miss it! It's a very supportive, fun team to be on, you won't regret it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FORE!! Zach is gonna be a golfer!

Well, after many tries of many different activities for Zach (DS4), maybe we've found the one for him.  He's not ever been into going to a class or activity like tumbling or sports or music.  Don't know why, he just says 'I Don't Know' when I ask him why he doesn't like something.  Maybe he doesn't really know, he just knew he didn't really LIKE it.  Boys are definitely born different from girls when it comes to communication, at least my two are.  It's pulling teeth to get him to tell me about school or an activity or something.  He'll answer with a token "We played Transformers" or "Yes, it was really fun" but that's all I get!  So, talking to him about why or why not he likes or doesn't like something in an effort to get intel out of him for clues in choosing the next activity is usually futile.  So, the other day he says that he'd like to play golf.  I've been asking and asking him "what activity do you want to do for Fall?" (sister has Brownies).  I've showed him rec center pamphlets with lots of activities, talked to him about t-ball, soccer, basketball, even Karate, and nothing impressed him.  But out of the blue, golf.  Go figure.  Although, I've had a couple days to ponder on this and he does really LOVE mini-golf!  And he LOVES golfing on the Wii, neither of which, I realize, are comparable to "real" golf.  But, his interest does make sense! So, I tried to explain there would be no pirate ship to hit the ball into and no waterfalls and music and snacks.  He said "OK."  He asked about what he would wear and seemed really excited! So, I looked into it and pretty quickly found a place to take him to try it out.  Turns out, our membership at the YMCA gets us substantial discounts to their own Junior course attached to a National course, awesome!  I called and found out about classes (I was afraid of the cost) but it turned out to be fairly comparable to gymnastics or other organized sports.  Today, the family went and golfed 3 holes just to show him what it's like and see if he wanted to go ahead and try the class.  He really did like it!  He (and Alex) had their own little kids' bags that the course provides to borrow and they used their drivers and putters and really golfed, it was fun!  I explained that class would be some instruction and not just playing all the time, they teach skills as well as rules and etiquette.  He still wants to try, so he's signed up!  Yay for Zach!  I hope he enjoys it and will feel proud!  Here's some pics of us on his first day out on the course...

I took these pictures with a point-n-shoot, one handed while carrying stuff and while walking, so the quality isn't the best, but the cuteness is to die for!!!!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Perfect Picnic Blog Train!

I am so excited to be a part of the Scrap Matters 2nd Birthday bash blog train featuring the awesome collab kit 'A Perfect Picnic' by the SM Design Team!  Isn't it sooo cute?  The best part?  It's FREE with a $15 purchase at Scrap Matters this weekend!

Have you heard about everything going on at SM this weekend?  Games (including Bingo and a comment contest), a Chat with prizes, SEVEN Speed Scraps (all with participation prizes), a big  SALE, and a HUGE blog train (see below).  There is a ton of fun to be had, come on over and join in!  Head over to these forums for all the details!

All of us hosting a train car are sharing our favorite summer picnic memories in honor of the party....I am fortunate to have good friends that we share a lot of time and fond memories with.  It's hard to pick just one...but a favorite is definitely our annual 4th of July trip to see fireworks, always with a stop for fried chicken!  We get together early in the day, have lunch, the kids all play.  We always have a cake or cupcakes to celebrate America's birthday and we always sing Happy Birthday.  Then, we load up the car(s) and head off to get our chicken and stake our claim on a good fireworks viewing spot.  We get to watch them over the water at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in is really beautiful!  We all hang out and eat, the kids play some more, we bring light sticks for the kids and at 9PM, we all huddle up and watch the sky light up!  I really really look forward to this day every year.  Partially because I get to spend it with great friends and partially because I am very patriotic and so this day means a lot to me.  I hope you have equally as awesome memories with your family and friends, either on July 4th or whatever other days you have picnics together.

And now for the blog train...are you enjoying the ride so far?  Boy, do we have some FANTASTIC goodies for you!  So CHOO-CHOO!!  Hop on and go grab your loot, then, head to SM to join in on all the events and browse the awesome shop full of great products to buy ON SALE!!  Fill up your cart and don't forget about the FREE collab kit with a $15 easy to spend there...the shop is amazing!  Happy Birthday SM!!

So, if you are following the train from the beginning, you should have come from Heather's blog (Haynay Designs).

And here's my goodies for you, a three-pack of wordart that coordinates with the collab 'A Perfect Picnic' -- FREE with a $15 purchase this weekend!

Next, head to my fellow CTM Kim's blog and see what she has for you!

And if you get lost, just go to the Scrap Matters Blog to get back on track.

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Come join the celebration!

Soooo...there is a TON going on at Scrap Matters this weekend for the Birthday Bash!

There will be a free with purchase, AWESOME new collab kit...spend just $15 at SM (and there's a sale to spend it on!) and receive this awesome collab kit FREE!

There will be games, a chat (which I am hosting), a big SALE, and SEVEN Speed Scraps, each with their own participation prize! What a fun weekend it will be! Check out these threads at SM for all the details. And here's a couple of the ads for the events so you can get planning! I'll see you all there starting tomorrow...get shopping so you are all prepared for the rest of the festivities:)


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ANOTHER Speed Scrap!

Natasha is hosting another SPeed Scrap this week at Scrap Matters, this week's night time SS. Here's her ad....hope to see lots of you at all these, they are my favorite Scrapping challenges!

Monday, August 3, 2009

LOTS to catch up on and a freebie!

So, I had a very busy weekend and didn't touch my computer other than to check email for 2 days, yikes! SO, now there are lots of things to catch you up on!

First, Scrap Matters is having a birthday! Yay!! We are celebrating all weekend with lots of fun events and special games and prizes!

And I am lucky enough to host two of the events!

The first is a Speed Scrap, of course, because you know how much I love these! There are going to be SEVEN this weekend for the celebration! I get to host the first one on Friday night...

And I am going to host a special Chat at Scrap matters on Saturday...there will be a little game with prizes and lots of fun! Scrappers, CT and Designers will all be there to gab gab gab!

AND, as if that's not enough fun...there's a daytime Speed Scrap this Thursday to get us warmed up for the celebration...

Now, about the catching up...there were lots of great new products introduced at SM this weekend! Go check them out at the SM blog...really cool things this week!

Chelle's Creations has this beautiful new paper can check it out and all her other great products in her store at SM.

AND...on Chelle's blog, she is offering this August Desktop freebie that Krisi from our CT made for you all...

So, that's it for tonight...but I'll be back with other important announcements about the Birthday Bash at Scrap Matters, you won't want to miss them!