Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Holy Moly, Doozie of a post, including a freebie!

I guess that's what happens when you don't post for a while!  But I have a freebie for ya if you get through it all, LOTS of great info here!

Let's start with Mandy Mystiques...did you know she has a new blog?  Oh, yes and it's so pretty!  AND she has a newsletter now...so go run over there, check it out and sign up for the newsletter.  She's going to have exclusive Newsletter Subscriber freebies, so don't miss out on that!  And speaking of freebies...she has a new collab kit out with Jennifer Barrette and Mandy has a freebie addon to the kit.  So, when you go to the blog, don't miss that either.  Here's the new kit, it's called Sunshine and Rainbows, isn't it just the fresh breath of Spring we all need right now?

And here's what I did with it:

And last but not least, Mandy is having a CT call right now, so if you love this and her other awesome designs, apply to be on the team...it's a great one to be part of!

And in other news...Franziska Altmann has an awesome new kit out at Scrapbook Graphics.  Isn't it just gorgeous...as are all her designs!  You can buy it here.

Here's what I did with it, it was so easy to be inspired!

And...look what's coming soon.... a new collab...Impressions of Delight coming to Scrapbookgraphics on February 1st...ooooh, it's so pretty!  here's Franziska's portion and I will be back with my LO from this yummy collab!

And from pamela Donnis...we're all feeling a little Springy and Valentinesy!  She has several new kits out and a sale!  Let's start with the goods....

At Funky Playground Designs, she has these new yummy treats:

I was inspired and did this:

And at Elemental Scraps, she has this new Springy kit:

And I did this, so easy to work with, I am tired of being cold!  LOL

Oh, and the sale....Pamela announced that she will be leaving Elemental Scraps at the end of January and so she is having a moving sale.  See her thread announcement here.  And here is her sale flyer.  Click it to go to her shop at ES for the sale.

And lastly tonight...if you've made it this far...a template freebie.  It was inspired by this LO I did with Franziska's Snowberry kit.

Just click template image to download.  In case there is a password (I never know with 4shared) it is inspiration.  Please no sharing links or files, just send friends here to read all my exciting stuff and download their own template for free.  And hey, why not leave me a little note or thank you while you're here?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Hybrid project, some layouts and ADSR Catch-Up

So, I am now on the CT for The Hybrid Kid, a new site that features hybrid projects for you do do with or for your kids that are learning based.  It is such a cool site and neat, neat projects.  I am very excited to be a part of it!  Here is the first project I did...available now at The Hybrid Kid.  It's a badge album with letter cards for each letter and some sight words.  All you have to do is print the cards, insert them into badge holders (I got mine at Wal-Mart for next to nothing!), bind them together with rings (like the kind for attaching flash cards together) and embellish with ribbons if you like.  Then, the kids can write on the plastic badges to practice their letters and then wipe it off to write again and again!  The write-on wipe-off crayons or markers work well.  Pretty cool huh?

And here are some layouts I have been working on...

These are using Franzika Altmann's products at Scrapbook Graphics:

This one uses her kit Box of 64.  Aren't her kits adorable?

This one uses her kit Garden Charm.  And she has an add-on available for doing a challenge at ES called "Inspired By".  Check it out here.  This was my entry.

And here are my layouts for the 1st 4 ADSR challenges..all credits can be found in my ADSR gallery.  It's been fun and challeging so far...some new and different challenges than usual which is good, keeps in exciting!  Three use Mandy Mystiques' products and 1 uses Franziska Altmann's products.

And that's it for me tonight...I finally feel caught up in the scrap world...I really got bogged down for a while, but I am afloat once again!

Good night!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

P365 Catch Up

We were officially a week behind on posting our P365 pics until tonight...but I caught us up on the P365 blog AND even got my LO done for week 3, so I am officially P365 caught up, yay! Here are the last 3 weeks of P365 for me...

Seems to be rolling right along and I am liking how the pages are turning out now that I am in a groove, at first I struggled with not embellishing the pages so much.  But the plainer pages are growing on me now, they certainly go together quicker.

I'll be back later with my ADSR catch up...have a good night!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

~Are you a Sweetie?~

Look at this!!  Super short call girls, so if you are interested, get your email in ASAP!  I am on this team, great group of designers and Sweeties!  Fun gallery to comment in and...oh yeah, have you SEEN their collabs?  TO DIE FOR!  As always!  Here's the info!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

~Some scrap work~

Remember I said that I did my first ADSR LO wrong and had to re-do it?  Well, I did!  And here it is:

I think it turned out really cute and I am proud of the tearing, I didn't use templates, but I did use an action, so it's semi-homemade, LOL!

And this I did with Franziska Altmann's Efflorescence, a gorgeous kit, of course all her kits are gorgeous!  You can find it in her SBG store.  I really like how this turned out!  I did it for an inked edge challenge at Scrap Matters, their Saturday Special this week.  I need to work in more techniques like this and stretch my skill base.  It was really fun!

So, that's it for now...I have two more layouts in the works...I never do two at once, but they were both waiting on something, LOL.  Off to do a Girl Scout email and then get Alex off the bus and then the whol HW, dinner, chores routine starts and then Bunco tonight!
Have a great Hump Day!

Monday, January 5, 2009

~My Birthday, P365 Update and a couple Layouts~

OK--Seems I have some business to take care of...

First and foremost, it was my birthday yesterday, yay!  My family gave me a nice day by letting do whatever I wanted, which turned out to be not much, LOL, so we decided togo to dinner!  Int he afternoon they let me open my gifts, bought me my favorite German Sweet Chocolate cake and some beautiful flowers, they sang to me and we all had cake, of course!  Then, we went to dinner a little local Mexican place near our house.  We all love it.  So, I was happy, you can go to my family blog for photos if you want to see my cake and flowers and such.  Got some good shots of me and the kids.

Second, I started P365 here the other day and have since recruited my almost 7 year old DD to do the project with me!  So, we started a dedicated P365 mother daughter blog for those pics and I will post the LO's at the end of each week here as a summary.  Go to our new P365 Blog to see how we're doing...hint-hint, she's DYING for comments, she thinks that is so cool to get confirmation that people are looking, let's face it, we all do, right?

And last but not least, I have a couple layouts to show you...my first of 2009.  I've only done two because I have been so busy getting myself organized!!  P365, new desktop, new planner pages, kids back to school, I am doing ADSR (layouts on that coming soon), etc, etc.  OK, here they are, both New Year's related...

The first uses Britt-ish Design's 'Life's a Party' (available at ScrapMatters)  kit which worked out so well for my theme party...

This next one uses Alma's Scrap Habit's cute kit 'Brighter Tomorrows' (also available at ScrapMatters) There is a funny story here...I did this for the first ADSR assignment, and I did it wrong, people have been PMing me to tell me, isn't that sweet?  So, I need to do another one, too late at night and I missed the specifics on the requirements!  But I still LOVE how this turned out,  and it is getting a great response, so here it is!

And that's it for me tonight, visit my other blogs if you wish!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

~Toss the Fruitcake Day~

Did you know that today is the "official" day to toss that fruitcake sitting on your kitchen counter that no one in your house will eat?  In case you were wondering how long you had to keep it, I am here to save you and say that today, you can safely and without guilt toss it!  Which reminds me of gifts we receive that we don't want...we all get them!  That pair of earrings from your mother-in-law that you get every year even though you don't have pierced ears or the tacky piece of home decor that is so not your style (or anyone's! LOL) and in my case the peacock Christmas Tree ornament that I "won" at a Bunco white elephant ornament exchange!  To me, it is AWFUL!  But I am not a bird person.  Maybe to others it is really neat or just their thing.  I can't wait to get rid of it and I have just the place...at January's Bunco, we are having the "worst gift you got for Christmas white elephant exchange"!  Pretty cool huh?  Everyone in my Bunco group knows what I am bringing because I announced it at the December Bunco where I "won" it!  But don't think I am rude, it was given as a joke and I received a pretty bell wreath ornament in addition to the tacky peacock, so it wasn't like I was looking the gift horse in the mouth.  It was all in good fun.  So, I'll now get to trade it for someone else's worst gift..hmmmm, a fruitcake maybe?  LOL  Here it is, what do you think?

Ok, that's it from me today, off to scrap!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

~Happy New Year! and Project 365~

I hope everyone is off to a prosperous 2009...we sure rang it in with gusto at our house...we had a dress-up Rock Band party...soooooo much fun!  See pictures on my family blog.  Here's a little tease...  

And speaking of the new year...I am going to tackle the Project 365 project this year...you take a photo of something in your life everyday all year and end up with a montage of memories at the end of the year.  A bunch of us at ScrapMatters are going to do it and they have a thread posted there where we can share ideas on what to photograph and how to scrap the photos.  For my January 1st photo, I took this photo of us eating breakfast this morning after last nights festivities...we all had a slumber party after the New Year's Eve party, and when we got up this morning, we had a huge breakfast together and continued to enjoy the holiday together, cooked by my DH, thanks hunny!  It was an awesome party, excellent company and an all around fabulous memory!  Definitely worthy of my first photo for Project 365.  Here it is...

And last but not least, my New Year's resolutions...I am writing them here because I am the queen of justification.  Hopefully having them here in "public" will  make me think twice about breaking them!  LOL!
~Workout 3 times a week
~Blog more regularly (I am going to try a 'schedule' i.e. Mondays are a tidbit or neat link I find, Sundays are my 365 recap, etc.)
~Scrap  183 layouts, I know, weird #, but it's an average of one every other day
~Be more diligent about craft time with the kids (we started planning a date every week for craft time together and with the holidays, things got hectic and it went my the wayside, I want to get that going again)
~Less procrastination!  i've done better on this recently, I want to keep it up!  This can mean anything from going through the mail as soon as it comes in to cleaning out a closet.
~Be "smarter" about money..which has a myriad of meanings for me including buying less "frivlous" items when I am out shopping.  Wal-Mart kills me, I go for groceries and inevitably end up with ten things I didn't think I needed!  Being more mindful of that will help.

What are your resolutions?
See you tomorrow!