Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TWO Speed Scraps!

SM is having 2 speed scraps, one tonight and one tomrrow, they are so fun!!!! Please join us! Go here for all the details.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Don't know what happened!!!

So, sorry!  I don't know what happened to that pink Brag Book page!  But here is a new link that has both pages in it, and when I open them, they are ok...hope it works this time!

In case 4shared asks, the password is inspiration

Have a great night!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's the Wonder Girl Blog Hop Party

{If you are looking for the SM Birthday BLOG PARTY, SCROLL DOWN TO THE NEXT ENTRY}

Good morning!

Happy Blog Party! I know, two days in a row I have a blog party gift for you, cool huh?

So, the Wonder Girls thought that since we canceled August SWW, we would go ahead and use BOTH months of collabs, Sunflower for SWW and then we made a mini-kit based on Anchors Away for you too! And we are giving it away on all our blogs!

Here's mine:

Please no sharing links!

And here's all the Wonder Girls' blogs where you can pick up all the pieces to the Anchors Away mini kit.

Hope you enjoy!  And please come join in on the fun of SWW starting TOMORROW at Sunshine Studio Scraps...LOTS of challenges, games and prizes (including another mini-kit)!

See you there!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Scrap Matters!

Good Morning!! It's Scrap Matters' 1st Birthday and the party starts today!

Go visit our store and forum and join in on the fun! There is an awesome new Birthday Kit that all the designers worked on. Part of it is a HUGE awesome gift with purchase, part is a Daily Download, part is a chat gift, part is a birthday gift!

Here is how AWESOME it is! This is the preview of the Gift With Purchase portion:

This is the LO I did using this fun, jam-packed kit:

And there are a bunch of super cool filled to the brim Grab Bags for sale in celebration of ScrapMatters' birthday!  Check out this LO I did using a whole bunch of them:

We are all sharing birthday traditions in honor of SM's birthday...my Birthday is January 4th, only 10 days after Christmas!  So, there were and still are many years that my birthday is forgotten by some.  And, some years, school wasn't back in yet from Christmas break, so there was no cupcakes at school, etc.  As a girl, that was important to me!  So, every year, even now as an adult, my Mom sends me a gift for my half-birthday, which happens to be July 4th!  That way, I have a small celebration of my birthday away from the busy holiday season!  What is your birthday tradition?

And, oh yeah, we are having a Blog Party! The Designers, CT and SMG all made this incredible Brag Book using the new birthday kit! All I can say is WOW!!

So, hopefully you came from Heather's blog...she is before me on the train and after you get my piece, head to Alice's blog for the next piece.

And here are my pages:

Password is inspiration
Please no sharing links!

Thanks for visiting, and I'll see you over at Scrap Matters!  Don't forget your party hats!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little birdie told me...

Ooooh, at Sun?  Yay!!!!!!  Be sure to visit Sunshine Studio Scraps this Sunday so you don't miss out!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunshine Wonder Week is Coming (and a freebie)!

OK--so I haven't been the best blogger lately, but I made up for it today with a whopping three posts!  So read this one and then read on!

I am writing now to tell you that the September edition of Sunshine Wonder Week is starting this Sunday and has all the usual fun, games, challenges and prizes!  So, be sure to start checking the forums this weekend for all the details.  It will run all week until next Sunday, October 5th.  It is really a blast and has lots of cool activities.  This month we are featuring two kits...the regular challenges and SWW mini-kit are featuring the collab Sunflower.  

And since we missed August, we are featuring an additional kit this month, the Anchors Away collab.  The Wonder Girls have made an extra special gift for you this month and it will be given away as a blog train freebie party!  So please bookmark the Wonder Girls and keep an eye out for us THIS SATURDAY, the day before SWW starts.

And speaking of freebie templates...Andilynn's CT has hijacked her blog this week to run a cool challenge...check it out!  It's a really cool template challenge, that I made the template for!!!!!  We have had really good participation so far and it runs until this Sunday night.  You get the template for free obviously and when you post a LO, you get a cool photo mask set that Andi made as a participation prize!  I am gonna let you go visit Andi's blog to get all the details...look at the September 22 post.

And finally, because I haven't done one in a while, I am giving away a template tonight just for the heck of it.  I did this LO last night at the Scrap Matters Speed Scrap...

I like it and it seemed to get a pretty good response, so, I made a template of it!


And that's it for tonight...I am tired and I am supposed to go to the gym in the morning, eek!  Wish me luck!

Look at THIS!!!!!

The ad says it all, I am soooo excited, SM is such an awesome site and I am so happy to help celebrate their 1st Birthday and be part of it all!  Come on over and check us out!

Gorgeous new kit!

Take a look at this gorgeous creation by Franziska Altman...I bet you have some cutie pies you can use this on!  Look at the adorable alpha and irresistible denim!

Check it out in her stores at Sunshine Studio Scraps and Scrap Orchard.  And here is a Lo I did using another of her gorgeous kits, Free Spirit.  You can find this one in both her stores too.

Here's a preview of the whole kit:

So, that's what I've been up to this morning...I will be back with more later tonight.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

{Has it really been over a month?}

Yes it has!  But I have a good excuse...hubby came home after being away for over a year!!!  YAY!!  Notice the countdown ticker is gone from my sidebar?  Won't be needing that anymore!!!  So, we spent a while having lots of family fun and then school started, so we had all of that...open houses, orientations, first days, supplies, HW schedules, Girl Scouts starting...eeek, shall I go on?  So, I am finally back, getting re-acquainted with my computer and my online friends!

I have missed so much and I feel so far behind..so I am just gonna jump right in and do a little shameless self-advertising...you remember I said I became a Sunflower at Sunshine Studio Scraps?  Well, I completed my first project for that team...a collab kit with Madame Wing called Secret Garden!  We had a fun time designing it!  And the cool thing is that it is on sale at Sun!!!  Officially in the store, can you believe it?  The Sunflowers have their own section in the store, so you can check all three Sunflower collabs.  So here it is...what do you think?  if you like it, go pick it up and be one of my first customers!
AND I was accepted the the Scrap Matters site Creative Team!  I am so excited, SM is one of my main two digi-scrappin homes and I am so happy and proud to be on that team!!  Look what I've already scrapped...

So, here's another really gorgeous kit by Kiki Halbert called Cool Nights, Blue Sky...love the colors here, muted but so rich!

And yet another awesome kit from Sun...this one is by Kristi and called Psychedelic Funk and it is soooo coooool man!  (hehe couldn't resist), she has it on sale for a limited time, so go get it quick!  Take a peek...

So, I could go on and on because while I was gone soooo many pretty kits came out, but those are the two most recent, so I will leave it at that and be caught up now!

But before I go, don't miss this month's QP Olympics at Sun, we are featuring Shawn Headley's Cosmo-tini kit, it is so freakin cute!  Here's my QP and LO with it and already I am getting super cute entries!  Check them all out in the QP Olympics Gallery.  Go to this thread to get all the details on how to participate.  A little birdie told me there's a discount on the kit this month...

Whew, well, glad I finally juped back in, I feel like I can keep up now, you know?