Saturday, January 3, 2009

~Toss the Fruitcake Day~

Did you know that today is the "official" day to toss that fruitcake sitting on your kitchen counter that no one in your house will eat?  In case you were wondering how long you had to keep it, I am here to save you and say that today, you can safely and without guilt toss it!  Which reminds me of gifts we receive that we don't want...we all get them!  That pair of earrings from your mother-in-law that you get every year even though you don't have pierced ears or the tacky piece of home decor that is so not your style (or anyone's! LOL) and in my case the peacock Christmas Tree ornament that I "won" at a Bunco white elephant ornament exchange!  To me, it is AWFUL!  But I am not a bird person.  Maybe to others it is really neat or just their thing.  I can't wait to get rid of it and I have just the January's Bunco, we are having the "worst gift you got for Christmas white elephant exchange"!  Pretty cool huh?  Everyone in my Bunco group knows what I am bringing because I announced it at the December Bunco where I "won" it!  But don't think I am rude, it was given as a joke and I received a pretty bell wreath ornament in addition to the tacky peacock, so it wasn't like I was looking the gift horse in the mouth.  It was all in good fun.  So, I'll now get to trade it for someone else's worst gift..hmmmm, a fruitcake maybe?  LOL  Here it is, what do you think?

Ok, that's it from me today, off to scrap!

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  1. These was a time when your Aunt Catherine would have loved to receive this. It's too bad you can't send it to her. MOM