Wednesday, January 7, 2009

~Some scrap work~

Remember I said that I did my first ADSR LO wrong and had to re-do it?  Well, I did!  And here it is:

I think it turned out really cute and I am proud of the tearing, I didn't use templates, but I did use an action, so it's semi-homemade, LOL!

And this I did with Franziska Altmann's Efflorescence, a gorgeous kit, of course all her kits are gorgeous!  You can find it in her SBG store.  I really like how this turned out!  I did it for an inked edge challenge at Scrap Matters, their Saturday Special this week.  I need to work in more techniques like this and stretch my skill base.  It was really fun!

So, that's it for now...I have two more layouts in the works...I never do two at once, but they were both waiting on something, LOL.  Off to do a Girl Scout email and then get Alex off the bus and then the whol HW, dinner, chores routine starts and then Bunco tonight!
Have a great Hump Day!

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