Thursday, January 1, 2009

~Happy New Year! and Project 365~

I hope everyone is off to a prosperous 2009...we sure rang it in with gusto at our house...we had a dress-up Rock Band party...soooooo much fun!  See pictures on my family blog.  Here's a little tease...  

And speaking of the new year...I am going to tackle the Project 365 project this take a photo of something in your life everyday all year and end up with a montage of memories at the end of the year.  A bunch of us at ScrapMatters are going to do it and they have a thread posted there where we can share ideas on what to photograph and how to scrap the photos.  For my January 1st photo, I took this photo of us eating breakfast this morning after last nights festivities...we all had a slumber party after the New Year's Eve party, and when we got up this morning, we had a huge breakfast together and continued to enjoy the holiday together, cooked by my DH, thanks hunny!  It was an awesome party, excellent company and an all around fabulous memory!  Definitely worthy of my first photo for Project 365.  Here it is...

And last but not least, my New Year's resolutions...I am writing them here because I am the queen of justification.  Hopefully having them here in "public" will  make me think twice about breaking them!  LOL!
~Workout 3 times a week
~Blog more regularly (I am going to try a 'schedule' i.e. Mondays are a tidbit or neat link I find, Sundays are my 365 recap, etc.)
~Scrap  183 layouts, I know, weird #, but it's an average of one every other day
~Be more diligent about craft time with the kids (we started planning a date every week for craft time together and with the holidays, things got hectic and it went my the wayside, I want to get that going again)
~Less procrastination!  i've done better on this recently, I want to keep it up!  This can mean anything from going through the mail as soon as it comes in to cleaning out a closet.
~Be "smarter" about money..which has a myriad of meanings for me including buying less "frivlous" items when I am out shopping.  Wal-Mart kills me, I go for groceries and inevitably end up with ten things I didn't think I needed!  Being more mindful of that will help.

What are your resolutions?
See you tomorrow!

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