Sunday, January 18, 2009

P365 Catch Up

We were officially a week behind on posting our P365 pics until tonight...but I caught us up on the P365 blog AND even got my LO done for week 3, so I am officially P365 caught up, yay! Here are the last 3 weeks of P365 for me...

Seems to be rolling right along and I am liking how the pages are turning out now that I am in a groove, at first I struggled with not embellishing the pages so much.  But the plainer pages are growing on me now, they certainly go together quicker.

I'll be back later with my ADSR catch up...have a good night!


  1. Those are some great layouts! I'm impressed that you are scrapping the photos too. I'm just doing the blog. And still trying to get caught up on my 2007 scrapbooks! It's a good thing that I like scrapping so much because it never seems to end!

  2. Those LO's look great! I really need to do this P365 thing. I know I have taken a picture a day so far, but doing the layouts each week would be ideal. I'm totally loving you simple style on these pages. Are those Digitreats papers I see? I have those already, too. See, I really need to do this! Thanks for the kick in the rear! Maybe I'll start mine this weekend! great job!

  3. WOW Jen! Your layouts look wonderful... I love how they are similar but not... and they will look great in a photo book. Great Job. I saw the abc book somewhere but didn't realize you made it. Very cute and perfect for those little ones.

  4. I was casually browsing your blog....when I saw the cake!!! AWESOME!!!