Saturday, January 2, 2010

Off to a good start...

I scrapped my New Year's resolutions..I like having the visual portrayal. I tried to keep them simple, but not too broad...

Day 2, I am proud to say I am doing well on all 4! Keeping positive, getting things done as soon as I can, keeping up with my running (even though it has been 26 degrees and WINDY here, eek!).

The third one, family, focuses on balance between me time (computer time and working out) and family time...with both time spent together and effort. For example, yesterday I called a family meeting to discuss our family rules and family mission statement. These are things I have thought of doing for a long time and just never did, my procrastination I suppose. We get frustrated with the kids' misbehaviors and part of my frustration is not using a consistent approach to discipline. I stand there when one of them is annoying me and feel like pulling my hair out because I repeat myself all day, everyday and behavior doesn't change, theirs or mine. So, we now have family rules, I will write them up nice and neat and post them. When someone is not following them, they get a warning and a reminder that they are not following a family rule and then a chance to correct, it they don't, they get a timeout or a privilege taken away. I like having the rules to refer to for a couple reasons. One, it's an easy, consistent reference that everyone understands ahead of time is the expectation and also, it reinforces the values behind the rules. I can say "I am warning you for being sassy...remember sassiness is on our family rules because it is disrespectful." And, I had the kids help come up with the rules, so they feel invested...after all, the rules were their ideas too, proving that they know what is and is not allowed and why. We also brainstormed rewards and privileges. So, they know what things can be taken away for not following the rules. At the end of every good week (hopefully every week), we'll reward ourselves with family time and the kids can pick from game night to movie night to going out somewhere (sometimes). This all sounds so elementary, I know. But we didn't have it documented Super Nanny style, I think it will help.

So, my P365 pic of the day is the kids with their rule board...

Tomorrow, we celebrate my birthday. It's actually Monday, but Todd will be on call that day and it's back to school day, etc. So, tomorrow we'll celebrate as a family...looking forward to a day of pampering, which to a Mom means not cooking or dealing with discipline or letting the dog out to go potty, etc. LOL

See ya tomorrow!

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