Monday, January 4, 2010

All about me!

Today is my birthday! And I have had a great one. I must admit I didn't think it was going to be a great one. Todd ended up not only having to work, but be on call and gone all day today and overnight! Plus, the kids went back to school today, so it was back to the daily grind of getting up early and making breakfast and lunches and nagging, uh-hmmm, I mean lovingly encouraging kiddos to get up and get dressed. So, kinda a regular Mom day for me. BUT, it has turned out GREAT! Yesterday, Todd and the kids and I celebrated...we kinda have a tradition in our family of getting a special weekend day on or around your birthday where you don't have to do dishes, make meals, discipline the kids, and make all the "fun" decisions about what to do that day. "It's your birthday, you get to pick!" So, we did that yesterday...they let me sleep in, I woke up to breakfast and presents, then I scrapped in peace while they got ready and did an errand. Then they made me a cake and Todd made dinner. After dinner, they sang to me and we ate cake. We even snuck in a family game of war (card game). My awesome hubby even "prepped" my morning as much as he could and unloaded the dishwasher after dinner (I usually do that when I get up) and had the kitchen and downstairs picked up and ready to go. He bathed the kids and put them to bed so all I had to do was pop in and hug and kiss them. It was lovely being pampered. And in between all that, i snuck upstairs and played on the 'puter. FUN! So, my picture of the day yesterday is this...

And today, even though it was "business as usual," my dear friend made it special by starting my day with a gift from her...a cute birthday martini glass (which I drank Diet Coke from today, LOL), a new novel to read and a pretty to-do list pad. Thanks Val! Then, we worked out together, as we always do on Monday mornings and ran a couple errands before picking up the preschool kiddos. Then, she treated me to lunch and we had a play date at her house for the kids, OK, for the Moms too! It was fabulous! Not to mention all the well-wishing phone calls, Facebook wall-posts and emails I have received today. I DO feel very loved! So, today I am 37, it was a regular day, I feel as young as I did yesterday. And this is my pic of the day today...I was on my way outside from the YMCA to do my run for the day.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Since I am still celebrating my 51-and-how-the-heck-did-I-get-here birthday, please allow me to send you (and all who read this) a birthday gift: the link for a free cover-to-cover read of my book.

    It's about how my amazing Spirit-led journey began on the birthday that my friends forgot! (One of my best birthdays yet!)

    Just sign up here: no experts needed dot com. No strings/spam attached, really! (I know, hard to believe these days :-) But it's simply my way of giving back.

    Continue the celebration,
    Louise Lewis, author
    No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!

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