Monday, May 4, 2009

Alex Scrapped!!!

So, I took a LONG break from the scrapping world b/c I was burnt out!  I needed a little time to refocus on other priorities in my life and recharge my creativity...I am back now and man have I been busy!

But, before we get to DD scrapped her first layout tonight!  She's been asking me to do this for years and she is so cut out for it!  My Mom told me (while I was on hiatus) about this kit Shape Up! that Amy Sumrall at The Digi Chick did.  It's a kit and comes with some special files of shapes and other simple elements geared towards kids AND she makes video lessons for the kids!  She's since added another installment of goodies and several more videos (once you purchase the system, add'l videos are included).

So, tonight Alex watched the first video and I set her up in Photoshop and the shapes and let her have at it.  of course, she was already asking how to do things well beyond the scope of the first video, she is so ready!  So, i let her in on a few other tricks of the trade and off she went...she used a scene background paper and added the cloud, rain, tree sparkles and "seeds" (yellow glitter).  I think I'm in for it now, we'll be fighting for computer time...

Oh, wait, was that chore bribery I just heard...oh, yes, it's in her future!

Here's what she did...she would love some love if you'd like to leave her a comment, you think we like getting comments, 7yo girls are even more excited to see that others really saw her work!

And here's a little update of all the layouts I've done just in the past few days, yes, NSD can do that to you...

And with that, I am really tired! So off to sleep I go!
back tomorrow with a cute story and another piece of art from Alex.


  1. I love Alex's page. The flower cluster is my fav :)
    Welcome back, Jen--I missed you

  2. Hey Stranger! Glad to see you posting again.

    Alex did an awesome job. I might have to look into that, even though I don't want to share my laptop! My son has started asking me questions about how I do stuff with the layouts, which is funny because the entire time I have been digi, he gives me grief for not paper scrapping anymore. Kids.

    Tell Alex it is awesome!