Sunday, September 7, 2008

{Has it really been over a month?}

Yes it has!  But I have a good excuse...hubby came home after being away for over a year!!!  YAY!!  Notice the countdown ticker is gone from my sidebar?  Won't be needing that anymore!!!  So, we spent a while having lots of family fun and then school started, so we had all of houses, orientations, first days, supplies, HW schedules, Girl Scouts starting...eeek, shall I go on?  So, I am finally back, getting re-acquainted with my computer and my online friends!

I have missed so much and I feel so far I am just gonna jump right in and do a little shameless remember I said I became a Sunflower at Sunshine Studio Scraps?  Well, I completed my first project for that team...a collab kit with Madame Wing called Secret Garden!  We had a fun time designing it!  And the cool thing is that it is on sale at Sun!!!  Officially in the store, can you believe it?  The Sunflowers have their own section in the store, so you can check all three Sunflower collabs.  So here it is...what do you think?  if you like it, go pick it up and be one of my first customers!
AND I was accepted the the Scrap Matters site Creative Team!  I am so excited, SM is one of my main two digi-scrappin homes and I am so happy and proud to be on that team!!  Look what I've already scrapped...

So, here's another really gorgeous kit by Kiki Halbert called Cool Nights, Blue the colors here, muted but so rich!

And yet another awesome kit from Sun...this one is by Kristi and called Psychedelic Funk and it is soooo coooool man!  (hehe couldn't resist), she has it on sale for a limited time, so go get it quick!  Take a peek...

So, I could go on and on because while I was gone soooo many pretty kits came out, but those are the two most recent, so I will leave it at that and be caught up now!

But before I go, don't miss this month's QP Olympics at Sun, we are featuring Shawn Headley's Cosmo-tini kit, it is so freakin cute!  Here's my QP and LO with it and already I am getting super cute entries!  Check them all out in the QP Olympics Gallery.  Go to this thread to get all the details on how to participate.  A little birdie told me there's a discount on the kit this month...

Whew, well, glad I finally juped back in, I feel like I can keep up now, you know?

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